Tips On Rebounding From A Flare/Relapse

I’m back with my baby in my home and I’m so grateful. These are some things I’m telling myself to do:

  1. Go slow. No. Slower than that. I’m talking a snail working at the dmv. You need time to understand what happened.AA64C595-F55F-4389-9B54-C965CAA9E195
  2. Take stock. What’s working in your life? What do you want to change? For example, my mother-in-law is here and she greets my child in an overly cheery way when she’s upset. It works. Cuts down crying time. I’m definitely going to try that. Also I want to be more organized!
  3. Write out your medications if you have any changes somewhere where other people can see it to keep you on track.
  4. Let yourself accept help. Meals, babysitting, rides to appointments. Don’t feel guilty, feel grateful!
  5. Remember that you are not just your illness. Ease back into work and your hobbies by journaling about them and starting small — but remember they are there! You are so many things!
  6. Don’t stop taking your meds if you start to feel better and keep all doctor appointments.
  7. Write down any changes you’re feeling with your medication. Everything. Just Incase.
  8. Celebrate your healing. When I returned my husband and mother-in-law popped champagne (not that I could drink it😂) to celebrate my return home. That was so sweet and it made me really appreciate each comfort of home.
  9. Speaking of comfort — seek it out!!! Watch your fave shows, eat your fave (healthy) foods and listen to great music. You’ve been through a lot. You deserve comforting things!
  10. You also deserve peace. This might be one of those times in your life that you feel like making a change. Is it meditation? Yoga? Aromatherapy? Mantras? Journaling? All of the above?

Good luck! If you have more ideas please let me know!

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