Last Minute Valentine’s Spirit

Busy moms! Want a some Valentine’s spirit? I liked the idea of felt or felted hearts as elbow patches but since I have these bitty hands now I’d like to have something that reminds me of this time in my life. It would work for mother’s day and can be be adapted to be more unisex. I also chose a muted palette because I didn’t want it to stand out. It came out so cute though that next time I will!

1. Get a print of your baby’s prints. 2. Use this as your pattern and cut it out. 3. Pin to felt and cut. Sew it on with embroidery floss. 4. Check it out in the mirror to make sure you’re pleased.


Hopefully I’ll have lots of precious photos of this but today this is what she gave me. ♥️Happy Valentine’s!!!!


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