Images Of A Recovery Day

B4945ECC-7A3B-4349-A9C2-E6ACD1DC665BGorgeous selfie entitled: No Filter

56336D6F-2F6C-4645-AA7F-E47156F8AB92Bowl Of Peanutbutter On Printer

ED64987F-577A-4DD7-89AB-9E82FED34932Dog Asleep On Baby’s Toys

4E4560CC-0EE7-490A-BEC3-AF3C80E4C3B2I Sew, Correct? 703E940F-BB8D-4B98-AB12-4819E273CEBETrying To Rest

15316D23-34B4-4A1B-BD78-67027C17A202How Did This Even Happen?

6908E981-524F-4F38-A412-40EE71594D39 Call Hoarders

I Did Make These So Not A Total Loss

The grandmas brought Elro home from a walk. She was so cuuuute. I miss being totally present for her but I’m hoping with time I’ll adjust to the meds and get back to my life. ♥️, Rae


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  1. I love this!!
    The branch with floral photographs is amazing!! How did you make the photos? I would love to make something like this! I call your day a big success…creating, caring team of supporters and one day closer to adjusting to your new meds! Xoxo


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