The Cucumber & A Bad Mood

unnamed-7Recently Matthew came home from work in a bad mood — which immediately put me in a bad mood. It was hot, we were tired. He wanted me to take a picture of Elro next to a cucumber he had just picked. The first cucumber of the year.

We grumbled directions at each other, me handing him a blanket to take outside, him handing me the baby and the cucumber. I felt his bad mood as if it was a reflection of how he felt about me, which made me angry.

While taking pictures of Elro and the cucumber,  I started thinking about how he created both of these beauties, and my bad mood turned into something like awe.

He is not the first guy I dated. Some people were unable to accept my disabilities. Some refused to learn about them. I have a note for people in those relationships — it’s not just annoying, it’s dangerous.

Matthew, however, is a great researcher and a great thinker. When I had my painful pregnancy he did everything he could to figure out how to treat my pain and get me through those long months. He was my biggest advocate, and if any psychological issue arises, he’ll be here for me, too.

My point is, sometimes forget about why you’re in a bad mood long enough to marvel at what love can create.


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