Making Lists To Get Back

Sometimes things get too intense, too overwhelming and you have to find your way back. It didn’t used to matter (to me) before I was a mother, but now I want to be present for my daughter. This where setting goals and evaluating my expectations for other stuff comes in handy.

I made a daily list of the things I need to accomplish every day to get me in a better place. This includes things like water intake, exercise and what time I take my medicine. Usually I don’t have to write everything down— but I’m overwhelmed and need the daily focus.

798E32B5-938E-47C9-B7C7-E309BC5D7093I also make sure those closest to me know I’m having an issue. This is always a humbling experience but I need the friendship and understanding.

So I don’t miss moments like this:


💕💕💕💕It’s a bitty basket. 💕💕💕💕

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