A Dare


I dared myself to embrace what gives me the ability to be a mother, a writer, a wife.

To SPELL OUT exactly what my body needs.

It made all the right people uncomfortable —

“You’re going to wear THAT In a holiday photo?”


It made all the right people, the people in my life who have a chronic illness, say —

“Hell yes! Where do I get one?”

There is no shame in taking lithium! LITHIUM is not a bad word — it’s a freaking miracle! YES I’m going to wear this during the holidays because without them I’d be locked up! No tinsel, no tree.

I’m proud of myself for my consistency and follow through, proud of the (long af) journey to get diagnosed and proud to be exactly who I am.

You see me, every day, doing what I do — well this is how I do it.

These are the words I’ve been told to be ashamed of — but SCREW THAT.

That changes now. Get to really know me. Meet my meds.

If you want to feel how EMPOWERING it feels to proudly wear your meds across your chest?

I’ve teamed up with @spooniesistershop to create these awesome shirts to raise awareness of chronic illness, and break down stigmas about the medications that help us live our best lives. They are SUPER soft & comfy, and are completely personalized with your own meds that help you do what you do.

Use coupon code “POETRAEROSE” for 10% off your own “Meet My Meds” shirt RIGHT HERE.






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