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  • Advent Calendar

    Advent Calendar

    I spent a lot of time on Pinterest and a beautiful mess trying to figure out what advent calendar to make when I finally landed on stockings! So small and adorable. Add some lights and it’s extra cute. ❤️  I plan on putting notes in it that have a hiding spot of candy or activities…

  • get your nails done

    get your nails done

    Part of my self care is sometimes getting my nails done. When I woke up after brain surgery I felt all sports of weird. Most of those feelings are gone, but I still fee like my fingertips are stitched together tight by some kind of horrible, invisible thread. It’s uncomfortable to do things like type or do…

  • Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year!

    I took some time off to successfully taper off of klonopin. I’ve been pretty anxious without it! I’m going back to being a person in love with comfort so I’ll be back making things soon! xoxo Rae

  • Kids Art Journal

    Kids Art Journal

    My daughter is 15 months and does not have any interest in her paintings. For the paintings that mean a ton to me — the first time she tried brushes, the first time she proudly handed me a piece — I’m cutting them into holes, writing their significance and turning them into ornaments. The rest…

  • List Poems

    List Poems

    I Have A Friend by @jugs.judy I have a friend who, amongst steelworks and supermarkets and an hourly bus, cut herself a husk and has been building retaining walls ever since I have a friend who, in the litter flowing down the gutter, sees a river reflecting electric neon. Who does not smell the oil…

  • Monday List Poem Prompt

    Monday List Poem Prompt

    Steve Kowit called a list poem a “creative inventory.” Each word should be carefully chosen and memorable, but it still really is just a list. For example, here is one I found on the internet: “What’s in the box under my bed? eight marbles and a shoestring a shiny bubble gum ring two valuable baseball…

  • A Found Poem

    A Found Poem

    One of my dearest friends, Selwyn Jesse Injety, who is my first call whenever I have a bipolar related concern recently posted about his own disorder. I read it and felt soooooo proud of him. I also felt like it was a found poem, meant to be read! So I asked if I could publish…

  • Painting Because

    Painting Because

    I used a paper towel to clean up a mess. Now my daughter steals tissue and pretends to clean messes with them — her face determined, gaze steady. I want her to see me do cool stuff to copy the cool stuff I do! Today was kind of a shocker. I wasn’t feeling happy but…

  • Guest Post By @HenriTheBipolar

    Guest Post By @HenriTheBipolar

    I started doodling Henri during my two and a half week stay at mental hospitals. After that I went to a three month residential treatment facility where I created daily comics of my mental health journey using Henri. Drawing Henri has given me something to look forward to in my darkest hours. It has also…