Monday Magic At Home

Watching Elro enjoy the outdoors where I grew up made me realize how the landscape shaped me and made me wonder if my mom and dad’s decorations also influenced me. So, I took a little tour of my house and the answer is, yes! I see pieces of my personality as well as what kind of things I’m drawn to making strung all over the house. Here are some examples:


Monkeys in love.


Two of my mom’s rugs — she uses them to decorate in every stage they’re in which I think is awesome.









Elro enjoying my bed.



I bought and painted (and added paper) to this house box. My mom added this ceramic scene.


A simple, handsome bird.


Lots of different kinds of pictures on the wall (taken by my dad) with a vintage mirror.


Adding quartz to a shell.


My grandmother’s needle point.


I think of this little plush girl every week.

Thanks for taking a little trip to my favorite things inside the house I grew up in!

































































































































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