Creativity vs. Anxiety

The absolute main way I deal with anxiety is with creativity. Anxiety is a destructor and creating something, to me, feels like a solution.

Here are some ways to become more creative:

Pinterest! Get and pin ideas.

Keep a craft journal and draw out your plans.

Find out what your friends do to get crafty and join in.

Planning the craft is the most therapeutic part for me. There are always certain items I’m looking for and thinking about. For example, thinking about this little thing got me through a tough week. I wanted to find vintage salt and pepper shakers to use as vases. It’s a simple idea but I got to think about what stores to shop at, if I could make them picture frames, too. I switched from an anxious thought to a vintage salt and pepper hunt. So soooooothing.

Today I was at Target buying some diaper related stuff and found these guys on clearance for two dollars each. I loved that they all matched so I bought them — and I immediately started thinking of the next project I want to do. I’m glad I developed this habit to trick my brain from focusing on negative thoughts. ♥️





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