“This Is Us” guest post!

::This is a guest post by Lisa Albright Ratnavira, who is an amazing poet and dear friend. Her relationship with her husband, artist Gamini Ratnavira, is one I look up to and hope to emulate.::
This is Us…
Over 20 years together side by side selling art and raising children, traveling and hustling…once I said, “in our next life let’s be the buyers, not the sellers!” We laughed until we cried.
These years have brought us closer through sold out art shows to not selling a single painting; to kids in sports and college creating and falling in love to an empty nest; to one returning.
We have survived the worst nightmare a parent can endure…the loss of our precious daughter Natalie over 6 years ago to an atrial venous malformation or brain hemmorhage. We fell apart, we cried, we took time to grieve deeply and then we began building scholarships and a nature center in Sri Lanka in our only daughter’s memory. I wrote poems about the labyrinth of grief; Gam added a dragonfly to each painting in memory of her effervescence.
We love deeply; we begin each day with a cup of tea and watching our birds at the feeder. We garden, we work together and we count our blessings for each one of our children.
We are two people who met over our love for elephants; fell deeply in love, fell completely apart; but never once let go.
This is Us.
::follow Lisa @lisaratnavira and @gamaniratnavira::
Author bio:
Lisa Ratnavira resides in Fallbrook, CA with her husband, wildlife artist, Gamini Ratnavira.  Their art and poetry connect in her books Maiden, Mother & Crone (written with Rae Rose and Penny Perry) and Traveling with Pen and Brush and Grief’s Labyrinth and other Poems.  She has actively published in San Diego Poetry Annual for over a decade and holds an MA Degree from Concordia University in Irvine, Ca.  Lis has traveled to over 16 countries including: Singapore, Sri Lanka, England, Africa, Bermuda, Bahamas, Bali, Trinidad, Panama, Costa Rica, Spain, Canary Islands, the Maldives, Japan, Canada, Mexico, and throughout the USA.  Her sons Beau and Brooks reside in Japan and Fallbrook.  Her daughter ,Natalie, is free from an earthly address.  She often visits in the form of a dragonfly.

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