A Mindful Sunday

Sunday is a day I think about the goal I set on Monday as well as how my week went (what I made) and what my upcoming goal will be.

On Monday I decided to keep our kitchen table clear. Nothing on it but flowers. This might seem obvious but we were in a habit of dumping stuff on it and it’s the first thing you see when you walk through our door! It gives me such a peaceful feeling now that it’s clean and pretty.

3E8AF5B2-95B9-465B-92FB-EA0D67A6F6D1I finally put up this wall hanging I made in the nursery. The felt cow is supposed to be jumping over the moon buuuuuut I’m short so I’ll get to that later. Found this print on etsy and will search for shop name.

DF6075EC-E5A8-4C61-B49A-708610BA66D7Loving this braided frame and picture of my grandmother.

509D61C8-266A-42E4-9CEC-131ED0BFDA43.jpegI know that my goal for March is to stop apologizing… right now I’m noticing just how much I do it! Yikes. For Monday my goal is to not look for things I think I need online and use what I have. Basically a spending freeze but for craft supplies. So I’m going to organize what I do have. I’m excited about the upcoming week!

My quote going into this week is an excerpt from a poem by Mary Oliver:

“Instructions for living a life:

Pay attention.

Be astonished.

Tell about it.”




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