DIY Love Note Butterfly

Elro is 10 months old today! I wanted to make something special for her. It really catches people’s attention.

1. I wrote a note about what things she likes to do or things she says at 10 months old. 2 and 3. I used A Color Story to make five different shades and patterns. 4. I put them in a document and printed them out on fabric paper.


5 and 6. I used a butterfly magnet — but you can handraw one — and drew it on the fold. 7. I did the same thing with some sturdy paper. I then layered it: fabric, paper, fabric…. and then, after taking the top fabric butterfly away, I stitched them down the middle.


Then all I had to do was glue the fabric butterfly to the top of the stitched stack. Finally I glued the entire stack to the headband. ♥️




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