How I Did On My January Challenge

For January, I wanted to make my home more of a home by using photographs of my family.

I found that printing my own pictures and putting them up with washi tape makes me verrrry happy. Here are some of my favorite spots:


I love a big frame!!!!! Always on the lookout for these beauties. A frame within a frame is so sweet.


Gamini Ratnavira is the artist of this painting on the top. I gave it to my wonderful husband for his birthday — a pair of hummingbirds. ♥️ So sweet. Check out his new gallery! The circular picture of a hummingbird moth was a Christmas ornament that looked so pretty on the wall.


Added some thistle to the above frame, and added lighting to this one:


This top frame (below this paragraph) actually goes in my daughter’s room, but we are painting that room. For people who don’t know my story, I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder at 18 and was told I’d never have children. At 27 I had a stroke and brain surgery and had to relearn how to walk and talk and swallow. I met Lynda Barry before my traumatic brain injury so I have no excuse for what a freaking mess I was, sobbing in front of her. I gave her some of my work with an SASE and heard back from her. She drew these two — if you don’t recognize them you’re living your life incorrectly! — reading a book that says DRAW ANY WAY. This would mean even more to me when I had to relearn how to write the alphabet. I will be forever grateful for her kindness, her work and her classes. Some day I want to take one! That would be a dream come true! I included pics of Elro and a framed invitation to my wedding. My place is totally feeling more like a home now so I deem my January goal successful!



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