Month: February 2019

  • DIY Project Organizer

    DIY Project Organizer

    ♥️This is a great, thrifty project to organize your upcoming craft projects, homework — anything! 1. Found this frame backing at a thrift store. 2. Put some fabric on it that I love with an adhesive. 3. Added clothespins with hot glue gun. And that’s it! It’s now ready for my next project! ♥️, Rae

  • Guest Post By Oneojo

    Guest Post By Oneojo

    ::This is a guest post!:: I’m a legally blind one eyed artist and disability activist that makes work using a variety of 2D & 3D mixed media. The aim with my art is to educate people about living what it’s like with a disability while also making art accessible  to those with disabilities. My goal…

  • A Mindful Sunday

    A Mindful Sunday

    Sunday is a day I think about the goal I set on Monday as well as how my week went (what I made) and what my upcoming goal will be. On Monday I decided to keep our kitchen table clear. Nothing on it but flowers. This might seem obvious but we were in a habit…

  • PMDD: day 10

    PMDD: day 10

    A co-morbid disorder called PMDD that kicked in when I was 29 was running my life for years until very recently.  My doctor found a way to treat it, though if you’re like me it’s difficult to treat. Because I’ve had a stroke birth control is off the table but I hear that works for…

  • “Mom Sleep”

    “Mom Sleep”

    Today on Instagram I saw a post that said: “Mom Sleep — It’s like normal sleep, without actually sleeping.” It made me feel terrible. I’m talking deep down shame. The last time I talked to my psychiatrist I said why — why on earth can’t my body sleep? Why do I require drugs to knock…

  • DIY Love Note Butterfly

    DIY Love Note Butterfly

    Elro is 10 months old today! I wanted to make something special for her. It really catches people’s attention. 1. I wrote a note about what things she likes to do or things she says at 10 months old. 2 and 3. I used A Color Story to make five different shades and patterns. 4.…

  • I need lotsa help. :)

    I need lotsa help. :)

    It’s simple. I’m disabled. There are some things I am able to do, other things I struggle with, and things that I can not do. I have every right to be on this planet. I have every right to be loved, loving and madly in love with the world. I have every right to belong.…

  • Excerpt From “The Warrior” by Andy Palasciano

    Excerpt From “The Warrior” by Andy Palasciano

    Andy Palasciano’s new memoir, The Warrior — Tales Of A Substitute Teacher And Job Coach — is amazingly funny, which is not a surprise because Andy is amazingly funny. The book launches this Sunday at the Meraki Cafe at 5:30 where you can get a signed book for 10 dollars!!!!! Everyone and their mother should…

  • Beaded Picture Frames

    Beaded Picture Frames

    I’m still loving using washi tape and pictures to decorate my wall, but I’ve added something new. All you have to do is string beads on wire and then add something to hang it up. I’m using burlap and strips of fabric. Here are a few examples! ♥️ Rae

  • New meds, new shirt!

    New meds, new shirt!

    Valentine’s morning with my beautiful daughter would not be possible without the medications I’m on. This last med change was difficult, this disorder is difficult, which is why I’m so damn proud to still be here and enjoying life. So, meet my new meds! It feels so good to be wearing them! If you also…