7 Ways To Prepare For Your Psychiatrist Appointment

I am in the midst of changing my meds. The seroquel I’ve been taking in part for insomnia stopped working! I’ve been taking it for 17 years so maybe that’s why! It’s scary to change your meds but I trust my psychiatrist and I’m hopeful that finding something that will allow me to sleep will make me a happier mother.

  1. Journal your moods. Rank your anxiety and pain on a 1-10 or 1-5 scale. Come prepared with a list of the pertinent things that have been bothering you. Rate your sleep.
  2. Write down every medication, the mg and when you take it. 
  3. A mood/food journal may be helpful. If it applies your menstruation dates would be helpful.
  4. Bring an advocate. I find it important to bring someone with me for a big appointment when I know we will be discussing changing my medication. I am so glad I brought my husband with me the last time I went. There were so many things to discuss and I was running on very little sleep that he ended up writing out the medication schedule for me. I’ve never needed that much help but I just couldn’t concentrate.
  5. Treat yourself super gently. It’s not always easy to talk about our issues. Have a mocktail with your nightly meds the night before. Get a treat after the appointment.
  6. Take notes or have your advocate take notes.
  7. Have the name and phone number of your pharmacy and your primary doctor.
  8. Try to remember that even though your meds might not be working for you now, this is the best time in history to have bipolar disorder because of how many meds are available! Keep trying to get that perfect combo of meds that works for you and your life.



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