Board Book For Elro

Elro has finally started to like read! Yay! I’ve noticed her favorite books are board books at the moment. I bought blank board books — but you can easily repurpose an old one! — for Elro. Today I was outside with her and I showed her an empty snail shell to look at. She popped it into her mouth and bit in half. 😂

After I retrieved it I realized that those are the kind of memories I’d like to record —she just turned 9 months old. So, my first book is called Elro at 9 months old.

I printed out photos and used a glue stick to adhere them to the page. The writing is on the pictures. I used A Beautiful Mess’ original app.

Here are some examples:


The last page has some handwritten notes that go into detail about what she’s into.


And I couldn’t resist a little note on the back:


I’m so excited to hand this to her after her nap and read it with her. 💕



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