Faux Latchhook Picture Frame

This technique is alllll Kara Whitten’s from her awesome post on A Beautiful Mess.

I feel like my photos get stuck on my phone to die. I’d like to revive them and incorporate them into my life! They make me happy. I love this faux latchhook because it’s fast and I love making tassels and usually have plenty just sitting in piles waiting to be used. The blue/silver/blush tassels were made in the hospital 9 months ago when Elro had just been born and was in the NICU. This picture was taken when she was less than a month old. I was filled with so much love and happiness. The yarn gives me the feels, too, because I felt wrapped in something so sweet and soft and, well, holy.

1. I used the bottom of a wooden birdcage and glued the picture in the center. 2. I glued on tassels. I call the top of the tassel the head and the bottom of the tassels the skirt. I glued each head of the tassel 3. right next the other head of the tassel. 4. Then I flipped over the skirt over the head — making it look like a latchhook.d28dba06-2285-4f15-902b-e7b911dc6fe7

5- 7. I filled in the wood with tassel after tassel until 8. it felt full and soft and lovely to me.


Then all I had to do was make sure Elro liked it. She’s super into yarn and pictures of herself, so it was a slam dunk.


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