Top 5 Thoughts I Have During Insomnia

1. Why can’t MY body sleep the way everyone else is sleeping right now? Shouldn’t my body have learned to do this very basic thing?

2. Okay, it’s 2:30. Definitely can’t fall back asleep — more seroquel? Benadryl chaser? Will I fall back asleep or will I be drugged?

3. If I don’t fall back asleep, how will I take care of my daughter tomorrow?


4. Cbd oil? Why isn’t there an easy way back to sleep? How do I never know what to do? I hate my body.

5. No matter how great my life is, insomnia makes me feel like I’m falling through it and am not on steady ground. It’s the feeling of slipping in the shower over and over again while hoping that your life stays intact.

1 Comment

  1. Don’t forget “Remember what Kyle M. called you the summer before third grade?” Just kidding, kind of. Yeah, I feel ya lady. I’ve never experienced insomnia until now, my youngest baby is about a year old, I think it’s hormone stuff. Ugh at least I get a lot of work done.


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