When To Buy Yourself Flowers

I recently had a pretty difficult morning and it left me a little shaky as I did my errands around town. At one point I felt like crying. I immediately pointed Elro’s stroller in the direction of a florist shop.

When I lived in Portland, my roommate was diagnosed with MS. It was a difficult time for her and she found herself crying in public a lot. I also cried in public a lot so I had some advice — buy yourself flowers. You don’t have to spend a lot, just get some flowers. You’ll feel like you have a bit of a shield annnnnd no one will ask you what’s wrong or, worse, tell you to smile. They will assume there is a reason for your tears, and the flowers are to consolidate a family member or friend.

It worked for her. I hadn’t had to use it for years but wow, it still works.

1b1de54b-be96-4a94-bc21-2cd027872fbdPlus maybe Elro will think when you’re sad it’s appropriate to buy flowers for yourself. I don’t mind that as a life lesson!




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