DIY Way To Show Off Your Vows

After a week of misunderstandings I realized I wasn’t acting the way I said I’d behave in my vows. I became obsessed with hanging them on the wall — but everything I saw looked too formal for our bright, wild house. I asked Matt’s aunt Naomi for help. An amazing artist, she condensed our lonnnnng vows to the core and created a visual poem on two pieces of paper. We were going to hang them up in two frames, but we were having a holiday party and I really wanted that reminder on the wall. I found a big frame and made a collage with some fun pictures and one picture from the wedding.

His vows:


My vows:


For the collage I used 1. one picture from our wedding, 2. a photo booth picture when we were dating and 3. a picture from my baby shower.


The rest of the photos are of Elro:


119B7429-BC5B-4303-9CD3-ABFD61626185.jpegHere is how it looks all together:


I like how fun this is. It reminds me of our vows, our journey and our current life. ❤️ And maaaaybe it will remind me to be as sweet as I can be as often as possible.







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