Elro’s First Xmas

I’m sitting in my pajamas watching Die Hard (my nephews insist it’s a Christmas movie.) The gingerbread has been eaten, the Hallmark movies have been counted down and Santa is home at the North Pole. I have to admit I’m a bit sad. This was my favorite Xmas since I was a kid. Elro made everything so fun. So here are some of my favorite shots.


My parents, Matthew and I took Elro to the beach. I ran into the water with her and dipped her little foot in. That was a first for her.


Decorating was so fun. I made 95 percent of the tree decor. I did not make that gorgeous pine cone glittery wreath because I don’t work with glitter… it gets everywhere… and when I saw it went down 50 percent I snatched it up. I did make her unicorn 🦄 stocking.


Never thought I’d have a kid. Never thought I’d want matching pajamas. Things change! 🙂 I wrote them a book to read together and used Shutterfly to create it. Someday I hope to own a fancy printer I can make amazing things with. Matt made it such a fun day. I’m so grateful.

What holiday do I get to decorate for next??????


Hope you had a great holiday season.








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