Indoor Felt Garden

For Matt’s first father’s day I went a little crazy on making gifts. So much so that on his birthday, days later, I couldn’t think of any good ideas at all. 😂

I always use felt from Benzie Designs. It feels so good in your hands that using it is like therapy!

Matt is an excellent gardener and so I looked on the web and found some DIYs for a felt indoor garden. She was an infant when I made it so it has only been recently that I’ve seen her play in it.


I didn’t find a DIY for flowers to go in and out of the fabric dirt. I made the flowers, glued them onto a green pipe cleaner and attached a little bag of roots that allow easy picking and planting.


3EFA99AB-82CC-4F1D-8565-E7A4145CFB3EC22BE4D3-9471-4E09-A22A-BCD765C2868EOh and there is a pink mouse named Nee Nee. 🙂

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