The DIY Only My Dog Likes

I had this “great” idea to make something like a busy board out of fabric.

1. I collected some fabric, an old blanket that was falling apart as backing and some contrasting fabric. 2. With the fabric right sides together I added the blanket. I sewed it almost the entire way around, leaving an opening so I could turn it inside out. 3. I sewed pockets into the fabric, then cut slits for each pocket. I used contrasting fabric to make the holes sturdier. Elro woke up before I was done! 4. I quickly hid some toys into the pockets.


5. At first she liked it! 6. She was all smiles. 7. But then she found a cardboard box, fell in love with it and did not care about what I had just made her. 😂 8. So, noticing my dog had been watching the whole time, I put his toys in the pockets.


This is what happened next:


I’m glad my creativity made someone happy! ❤️

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