Our Tree!

This is Elro’s first Christmas — we’re an interfaith family — and I wanted a tree full of handmade ornaments. This included a lot of woodland creatures I made out of felt — from Benzie Designs because they offer the most amazing felt ever — pinecones painted white or gold, houses made out of paper and felt and ornaments made out of wood and photos. Here are some pics of Elro’s first Xmas tree.


1. Gold pinecone and a house made out of our wedding invitation. 2. Pinecone dipped in white paint. 3. This is the toy that I gave to Matt that came with a letter about starting a family. 4. Two examples of what you can do with wood and mod podge — one is Prison Mike, the other is a picture Matt took of a hummingbird moth.


5. The woodland creatures started with this felt bunny. 6. The last woodland creature I made was this mouse queen tree topper. 7. I took one of Elro’s first (finger) paintings, cut it out to fit on a wooden circle and mod podged the heck out of it. 8. The pinecone elf family ended up on the tree as well. Here they are all together:



My favorite thing to do as a kid was lie under the tree and look up at all the lights. I made sure to hang some of Elro’s favorite things (felt lavender) where she could bat at them. Pretty cute.




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