Oops. Oh. Yeah. I need to take medication.

This is what I normally look like. Happy and enjoying my daughter and the day. So I was wildly upset with myself this morning. Sitting with my daughter in her play pen I tried not to cry. I could barely move. I couldn’t get up to change what was on the tv even though it was upsetting me. Everything felt completely out of control.

The truth is, I’m not perfect. I had “forgotten” — more like put off — getting my morning meds. Today was the third day I missed them. I’ve been busy working and being a mom…. I figured I could skip a few days.

But I can’t. Without the morning meds for just three days I could barely make my daughter her bottle and her screams hurt. They physically hurt me. They were too much. It was scary, feeling this way.

My husband picked up my meds and I promised myself and my daughter that I wouldn’t do this again. My health would come before everything — the holidays, work — because I can’t do anything without the medication.

Lesson learned.

If you’re bipolar and want to be part of my January class/group on how to thrive with bipolar disorder, please email me the biggest thing you struggle with raeroselarkbloom@gmail.com or leave it in the comments! We can support each other. ❤️

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