Cah! Ah! Choo!

Six month Elro finds one thing absolutely hilarious: a sneeze. If the dog sneezes she laughs uproariously. She isn’t interested in books, so I made her a little rhyming book in which an elephant invites a lot of animals over for dinner. They all arrive on time and under the weather. When I read it to her she giggled. Success! Her first audible enjoyment from a book. If you have a little one and you share an inside joke, make a little book for them about it. I had too much going on to illustrate it for her, so I cut the  shapes of the animals out of colorful paper stock. I’m going to bring it to Thanksgiving to remind her that there is onnnnne book she does like. And then maybe she’ll fall in love with all the books! Orrrrrr totally rebel. 😳


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