The Faun & The Bobcat

Someone posted a picture of them huddled together in an office building during a wild fire. My first thought was – “That’s what I need my brain to do! More of that!”
I need the sweet, creative parts and the mean, destructive parts to get along. To huddle.
To realize that there are other things outside of my head that need attention.

Work, family, friends – I can’t be fighting with myself. I have to let all of the pieces that make me up, no matter their personalities, calm down. Chill. Huddle. Because what’s going on right outside? My 6 month old daughter is humming to herself as she chews on a fabric star, my own mother going in to another doctor office to try to find out what’s wrong, my husband is sick in bed. There are so many things to do, to say. I can’t be caught up in the drama of my own brain. Everything needs to chill out a little, take notice of what my reality calls for and huddle together in an unlikely alliance.



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