Making Things Is Important

Childproofing my house scares me. I go to bed thinking of bobbins rolling under a couch or a pin falling from some almost-finished doll. I told my husband I thought I would stop making things for awhile — until she was old enough not to swallow a bobbin. He said absolutely not and reminded me that lots of mothers who sew have figured out how to store their tools. Of course he was right. Of course it was my anxiety disorder that made everything look so black and white and unreliably creepy:  bobbins = death.

After using this tutorial to make a bonnet out of Flora’s (my brother’s grandmother) robe — which I’ll also be making a tie out of for my brother — I felt happier than I have felt in weeks. Creating things is important. Wherever you find that happy, peaceful, almost meditative feeling? Whether it be working in the garden, cooking, sewing, crafting, writing — anything where you make something out of something else? Do it. Stop putting it off. Fill your life with those moments!

It’s important for your physical and mental health. (Which, by the way, is the same thing.)


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