The Bipolar Barbie

Barbie does a lot of great work in the world. You may know her as a flight attendant or a ballet dancer — but I have a better Barbie to introduce you to. This one is actually CHANGING LIVES by being exactly who she is. Bipolar Barbie, or @the_bipolar_barbie on Instagram, was kind enough to answer some questions…
When were you diagnosed?
I was diagnosed with Depression and Anxiety in 2012
I was re-diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder Type 2 in 2014

I was then diagnosed with Bipolar Disorder and Generalized Anxiety Disorder in 2015
Then 2016 they added Borderline Personality Disorder, Complex PTSD and Premenstrual Dysphoric Disorder


How did you feel about it?
All I ever wanted was answers. I just wanted my life back so each new diagnosis provided a new sense of hope. It felt like i was getting one step closer to finally being able to live.
How do you feel about it now?
I think of diagnosis’s and labels as tickets to recovery. If they have to put me in a category to give me the treatment i need then i don’t really care. All I ever wanted was to get better.
How did your family and friends react at first?
At first they didn’t believe me. They thought I was making it all up. They kept pointing out the symptoms and telling me something was wrong with me but they didn’t think it was an illness.
How are your family and friends now?
They just accept it. I think at this point they don’t have a choice. After multiple hospital admissions and a consistent diagnosis from many doctors i think they don’t have a choice now.
Where are you right now in your disorder? Are you feeling good? Do you have bad days?
I still have bad days. But I have more good days than bad. My PMDD is still not good. I am still struggling with that monthly. It has robbed me of half my menstruating life and it is incredibly frustrating.
What’s your go-to comfort stuff? 
Netflix eg. Lucifer, Brooklyn 99, Making a Murderer
Snuggles with my service dog northy
What are your next bold moves — the things you want to accomplish?
Publish my Autobiography the Story of a Borderline Princess and the 7 Volumes of the Bipolar Barbie Diaries
Release my rap album and go on a world rap tour!
Build my fashion line attitude apparel
Travel the world giving speeches and inspiring millions
What advice would you give someone who was just diagnosed?
Its a long, long road. Recovery is not a destination. It’s a journey. Be patient. Question everything and never stop fighting for the life you deserve.
What’s your favorite thing about yourself?
Hmmm thats a tough question. I’m not really good at naming things I like about myself. Maybe my assistance dog northy. He’s the best thing in my life.
What is a mistake you make again and again?
Falling for abusive men. But I have corrected most of those endless cycles. I have been single a whole year now and absolutely loving it! I am single but I am not ready to mingle.
How do you feel about medication and therapy?
Both have been life changing for me. I would not be here today without my medication. For a long time I was a lab rat. But after 6 years I can finally say I have found some relief and medication and therapy played a huge part in that!
You can find The Bipolar Barbie online:
This is my favorite of her youtube videos and explains her name.

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