Tips For Flying With A Baby

I just flew from San Diego to Boston, then from Boston back to San Diego, with a 5 month old, and lived to tell about it. Here are some tips:

  1. Dress your baby up really cute. This way even if/when your baby cries, people will think, “Gah, that’s annoying…but that baby IS adorable.”



2. Bring earplugs for the people seated around you. Before we took off I told everyone that I had earplugs if they needed them. It was a way to break the ice and get them on my side. No one ended up needing them but it made me feel prepared.

3. Bring NEW toys your baby has never seen. I thought she’d want her toys from home — that something familiar would comfort her. She started getting fussy so I took out her turtle that she plays with every day. She threw it on the ground and reached for my husband’s beer. On the way back when she would start to get fussy, I’d bring out a toy she had never seen before and she was hooked. Totally freaking worked.

4. Play quiet games. She’s not into peak-a-boo but she did like when we’d put a new toy on a tray and bring her closer and farther to it. Reaching for it seemed half the fun for her.


5.When taking off or touching down, get your baby to chew or swallow to pop her eardrums. I timed her feeding with our flight’s time frame and it seemed to work. Once, though, she wasn’t remotely hungry, so I resorted to letting her chew on my hand because I’d rather do that then have her ears not pop and the ear ache that would follow.

6.Bring two diapers with you into the bathroom because ohhhhh my goodness, you might need it. Bring another pair of clothes just incase, too.

7.Bring wipes — not baby wipes —  that kill germs to clean the tray and areas your baby will be able to reach, because it gets very tiring trying to stop her from touching everything!

8. Relax. Everybody has been on a plane when a baby cries and we survived. If people are judging you? It’s only for the span of the trip and then they’ll get back to being annoyed at other things. This is a temporary issue so do your best and keep calm. The calmer I was the calmer she seemed to be.

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