Rose’s Jar Full Of Heads

I’m not sure why Rose, my next door neighbor when I was a girl, created this jar. She made all sorts of things but this was found in her house after she died. She placed a paper towel roll in the center, then filled the jar with faces pressed against the glass. It’s amazing. It’s one of my favorite objects ever. Why did she do this? Were these her favorite faces that never found bodies? Was she so much of an artist that when she was storing art she actually created art?

Rose is the first person I wrote to Elro about when I was pregnant because I was teaching myself how to sew and create things. I was doing it because it distracted me from the pain, but I guess I also wanted to decide what kind of mom I wanted to be.

Rose’s house was magical. Disney had nothing on her. She created that magic: new dolls and puppets, art supplies everywhere, new paintings on the walls. She sewed me an entire wardrobe of bonnets and dresses. Once she made me a green sweatshirt decorated with a painting of me with my long red hair, hanging out with a bunch of forest animals.

I want to be that woman! I want to make dresses for my daughter, dolls for her — creatures of all kinds! I want to show her that anyone can — and should! — create.

The jar looks best in the sun.


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