Lavender Snail Mobile

Elro loves mobiles. She even seems stoked when the materials for a mobile come in the mail — but perhaps I’m projecting.

A made a lot of braids in different colors of lavender and white, all the same length. It takes two pairs of braids to make a snail. (One braid is one half of the snail shell.) I wanted some bigger, thicker snails, so two of the snails are made up of 9 strands. That is, ONE BIG snail is made up of two braids. Those braids are each made up of a 9 stranded braid — I just braided three strands as if it were one. 1. This is what a bunch of braids looks like! 2. I started sewing them together, sort of like a braided rug, but it was tedious and so I turned on the glue gun and MAN that worked better! 3. I cut out a snail-body out of felt, then glued it onto one side of the shell. I then glued the other side of the shell on so it was, you know, wearing a shell from all angles. 4. My dog started doing this thing where he wanted me to give him the bells. I bought these bells on Amazon and tied one to the bottom and then the top of one string. So each string went bell, snail, bell. Please note that ::I:: don’t feel that this is entirely safe. I would not leave my daughter alone with this mobile because I would be afraid she would somehow get a bell off, and the bell is the perfect size to get lodged in her throat. This is a toy we play with together and I watch her closely as she plays with it and pack it high and safe when she’s done with it. I then tied these strands to a embroidery hoop, along with some felt lavender I had already made months ago for another project. There are felt lavender DIYs all over the internet, but basically you’re going to need felt, wire and a glue gununnamed-4



I set up the mobile outside so what you’re seeing here is the fence. I just don’t want you to think the walls of my house are that filthy! 🙂

Elro was very happy.

unnamed-5.jpgRaeRoseDIY.JPGsnailsI love how full of wonder she looks here. Magical!

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