Rae Medicated vs Rae Unmedicated

Do you know when you get really really mad from a post on Facebook that you just want to scream? People are STILL telling people with bipolar disorder, the disorder I have and treat successfully with medication, that you can treat it with yoga and diet and freaking herbs. That medication will make you a “zombie.” Ummmm, yeah, if you take too much of it. If you take something that doesn’t agree with you. If your doctor is terrible.  There is a clear difference to me between my life medicated and non-medicated. I’m not saying don’t go to yoga — go to yoga! Eat a great diet! Take herbs if you want! But please don’t tell people they don’t need meds!


Unmedicated, I:

Dropped out of five different colleges.

Dated terrrrrrible people.

Haaaaaaated myself.

Scared my family constantly — would I kill myself?

Medicated, I:

RaeRose.jpgI wrote a book!

ADK-0020 Got a dog.

ADK-0019 Married a nice guy.

ADK-0022Earned an MFA.

ADK-0021Had a medicated pregnancy. 

unnamed-3And now I’m a medicated mama! Thank you, science! So, no, Stacy-or-whatever-your-name-was… the answer isn’t diet. This is the best time in history to have bipolar disorder — because we have medication that treats it.










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