Classroom Cacti

My brother bought me a little pot with several cacti plants in it and said he wished he could bring cacti into his classroom but — hello, students and sharp objects, what could go wrong?

So I made a pot of cacti that opens up so it adds a bit of storage to his classroom. I used one of our many powder formula cans.

I sprayed adhesive on the lid and added a circle of brown felt to the top of the can. 1. I chose three kinds of cacti. There are so many felt cacti DIYs on the internet but my favorite thing to is add a blanket stitch around the cacti. I just think it’s so adorable and it reminds me of my Aunt Diane, who loves a good blanket stitch! I didn’t follow any particular DIY because I make them so often, but it was important to me to have three very different shades of green and flowers that were not just made of felt but also embroidery thread to add some texture. 2. I pinned the cacti in place. 3. Using embroidery thread and embroidery needle, I sewed the cacti directly onto the lid. Yep, right through the plastic. I used Tshirt yarn to sew a braid, then tied the ends together. I used a glue gun to glue it to the lip of the lid.


I used paper for the inside of the pot and made a small, braided rug to line the bottom. I used a spray adhesive to add this fabulous pink fabric to the outside of the pot.

RaeRoseCacti (1)

And here’s how it looks all together!


Elro seemed to dig it, so maybe I’ll make her one, too. Hope you like it, Uncle Danny!

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