Featured Writer: Abigail @babydollabi

::This is a guest post written by Abigail who posts on Instagram as @babydollabi. I’m a bit obsessed with this creature. She calls herself “Chronically Cute,” and omg she totally is. From her gorgeous color schemes, cozy photos and cheeky emojis she is freaking adorable. And STRONG. Check out this feature and then follow her @babydollabi EEEE! She’s so cute!.::

My names Abigail and my instagram name is babydollabi ☺

I was officially diagnosed in 2017 with endometriosis. Due to endo I’ve also developed GERD, exercise asthma and I think I have cfs — I have the symptoms, but none of my doctors will diagnose it. 🤔

unnamed-5.jpg I was glad because I finally had answers for some of my symptoms but I was also sad there  is no cure. 🤔 Now I’m annoyed. I found out in July my endometriosis was severe. It had moved my bowel to the left. I think maybe the combined pill that they put me on makes me worse. So now I have my third operation in 2 years next month. 😱

unnamed-9.jpgAlso, I was told millions of times that my endo can’t cause weight loss and nausea which it has been doing so it annoys me the specialist keep denying it. 😂

unnamed-7.jpgMy favourite self care activities are baths, eating desserts, yoga and actually resting. ☺ My family and boyfriend are the best support most of the time. 😉 My family always takes me to doctors appointments and my boyfriend brings me stuff when I’m passed out from nausea waves ☺

unnamed-8.jpg I cannot live without TV, books, films, baking and desserts. 😂 My favourite colours to use are pink, blue and orange/brown ☺ I like to post outfit posts and baking posts. ☺ feel best when I’m with my family or eating tasty food or shopping or baking. ☺ unnamed-6.jpg

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