Austen Inspired Tea Cup Rattle DIY

austenheroinesToday we had an ode to Jane Austen! (That’s why you have babies, right?)  I made Elro a gown (no sleeves — it’s too hot for that!) and a bonnet and took some pictures, then matched them up to some of Austen’s heroes. I also made a fabric tea cup for sound exploration — DIY below.


I wanted to build a tea cup that rang like a bell. But then I wanted one that crinkled. Then I wanted one that rattled…


I finally decided to make more of a tea cup pocket with velcro so I can introduce Elro to any sound I wish!

1. I drew the shape of the tea cup, then folded it in half so when I cut it out it was even on both sides. This became my pattern. 2. I cut out four pieces of fabric from my pattern. Two were the outside print of the tea cup — the roses — and two were the inside prints — pink polkadots — of the tea cup. 3. I placed one rose print side and pink polkadot side, right sides together. I stitched them together along all sides except the shortest side. That’s where I turned it inside out. 4. I did the same thing with the other two pieces of fabric.  I then had two halves of my teacup.


5. I put the two sides of the tea cup together with the outside print facing each other. I sewed on all sides except for the longest side, which is how I turned it inside out. 6. There are a million ways to make a handle, if you even want one. I’m not sure if my baby can hold onto it yet. I cut outside fabric — with right sides together) into a c sort of shape. I sewed it together, turned it inside out and stuffed it. 7. I hand stitched it on my cup. 8. Adding Velcro to the inside of the cup is the last step.


The end result? Capital!


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