Boho Bunny Hooded Towel

bunnyboho.JPGUsing one of the many online tutorials for a hooded towel, I measured my bunny. I ended up using one of my towels and then cutting off part of it for the hood instead of using a hand towel as many of the online tutorials suggested. She’s so little! She only needs a bitty towel.

I drew the ears, then cut out a contrasting fabric, placed it face down on the towel and sewed almost all the way around it, leaving an area open so I could turn it inside out. I thought I wanted BIG floppy ears so stuffed them, but they looked way too ridiculous for her face.

bunnyearsYikes! I hated the size!

I also realized I didn’t love the color. Instead of buying a new towel I dyed this towel coral with Ritz dye. I thought about embroidering a nose and eyes on the towel, but realized it was more important to me to have some flowers right by her forehead. (It reminded me of Ester Williams, what can I say.) I used some left over flowers from the head-band station at my baby shower.

I shortened the ears and then used the same technique as I had before, this time using a contrasting fabric that looked a bit vintage and had bunnies wearing clothes. (I got this fabric, which was a sheet, for less than a dollar at a thrift store and have made a ton of stuff from it!)

vintagediy.JPGI made a white pompom tail, sewed pom pom trim around the neck and arms and made some coral tassels for the back so that at every angle you could see something a little boho and fun. She went swimming for the first time at her aunt Debbi’s pool and I was very happy with how her bitty towel turned out!




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  1. Robin

    Beautiful Rae xxxxx


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