Transform Tough Moments Into Art

I have been writing letters to my daughter since my pregnancy. I recommend it because I would have loved to know what my mother’s thought process was during her journey. I write about the things I make for her and she’s starting to be old enough to enjoy them, which is an amazing feeling. The combination of the letters and the pictures of her with the things I make her will hopefully be able to capture my story for her so she can understand who I am, how I felt, and most importantly, how much I love her.

We had a tough day yesterday. She was having a fussy day, but I was digesting some information that was difficult to process. I took this picture while crying because I was interested in how we looked together. We look miserable! I explain it all in the letter…


The next day was better! She felt better and she loved her new toy. And I love what her new toy represents — transforming sadness by creating beautiful things.arttransformation.JPG

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  1. Robin

    Such a beautiful bird, mum and baba – love you all!!!


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