Jumbo Garden Caterpillar

diycaterpillars.jpgSearching for a giant plush caterpillar with a Jane Austen vibe?  Who isn’t? With feminine details, felt flowers and floral calico prints, this cat helps baby sit up and creates a cute little nook in the garden to read and play in. Make the caterpillar as large or as small as you want depending on the size of your space.

Put two right sides of fabric together and cut a circle. (I traced the biggest platter I own.)

Sew together both pieces of fabric at the edge.


Cut a hole in the middle of one piece of fabric.


Turn the pillow inside out through the hole.


Stuff the pillow to your desired fullness. To give the illusion of a pleats, use strong thread (I used embroidery thread) to make big stitches in a circle — as if you are making a drawstring.


Pull closed and knot.

Add something to the middle of this circle. A button might be a safety hazard, and I wanted a garden-y feel so I chose felt flowers.

jane austencraft

Caterpillars don’t really have this many feet! But…they also don’t have flowers on their backs, so cut out 2 feet in the shape of a “u” per pillow.

For the face, make another pillow, but three inches bigger and with the opening to stuff it full of cotton on the side, not the middle, so there will not be pleats. Add antenna by using two tubes of fabric or pipe cleaners. I embroidered the face, and I love a pair of sleepy eyes. Not sure if my dog agrees.


To put Jane (yeah, I just named her Jane Austen) together I sewed the face onto the first pillow at a bit of an angle. I hand sewed each pillow together and hand sewed the feet. Then I put her out in the garden and see if she attracted any attention.

I matched the feet from one pillow to the previous pillow.

Jane has created a lot of silly and happy memories in our garden this year. I love that my dog seems to love it as much as the rest of us.




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